A day of close aged kids! 

So I get asked a lot “what is it like having kids so close in age?” And normally I answer, “oh it’s fun most days” or ” it has it’s good and bad days but for the most part is great” but today my children gave me my true answer! My oldest and middle are 17 months apart my middle and youngest are a few days shy of 15months apart. So basically I have 3 toddlers all at once! Now let’s get on to the topic! 

My 10month old has been running a fever ksince last night, still just really tired and fevered today. So my mind has been everywhere and my 3yr old ask me for cereal, so I like a dummy gave her the bag of cereal. I got up to get nail clippers for my 10month old to clip his nails, first I walk down the hall way stepping all over cereal and the first thing out of my mouth, “really y’all”, so I make it in my room can’t find the damn clippers so I walk out and happen to see fruity pebbles all at my boys door way, I walk and look in they had dumped cereal EVERYWHERE and I was like, “you have got to be fucking joking” I walk out to get the broom and see more cereal at my daughter’s door so i look in the room and of course fruity pebbles all over the place, that isn’t even the worse part. The worse was they had poured it all in her toys and had toys pulled out and so I had to sit there and pick toys out of crushed up cereal. Also while picking toys up every bowl or cup or teapot I picked up had cereal in it! I asked them, “did y’all need to dump the cereal everywhere?” My 3yr old says, “no but it was fun!” I just stood there like, 🤦‍♀️. So for everyone who wants to know what it’s like having kids barely a year apart, that is what it’s like. Having crushed up cereal all over your house and couch and no matter how much you clean you keep finding more! 🙋


Mama truths 

Today I have probably dropped the f bomb more times than I can count, I have probably yelled at the kids over stupid things, I have been over this day, all day long! Some days especially as a mama, the days just get to you worse than others. Today has been that day for me! As mama we are always going, always cooking, always cleaning, always wiping a nose or butt, we are on the go all day long. In which that can become tiring and dull. As much love as we have for our children, and to be honest some days I want to hide all day and let them do whatever the hell they want. Hmmm I pick to hide in the pantry at least there’s food there. These days make you feel like a complete failure as a mom, while some days you feel like you could do anything. It’s okay to have off days, it’s okay to feel like your in a rut, it’s okay and it will get better, once you put that tiny human to bed you will get a smile or hear “I love you mommy” and then you instantly feel bad for being an asshole all day long. So have the bad day, we all need a bad day here or there. But remember your kid can tell when your off of your game and just forgive yourself for acting like a psychotic bitch all day! Pamper yourself once the kids are in bed. watch a movie, take a bubble bath, drink a glass of wine or a beer. Let yourself relax because you are kicking motherhoods ass, but shit happens! 🙋

Baby names❤️

There are millions of baby names! I love looking up baby names and if I could spend my entire life naming peoples kids, I would sign up! Since I can’t, I would love to share some of my favorite baby names. I am done having kids, some of these names I love and the hubby didn’t or were too out there and some were considered when we named our bunch! So let’s dive in……


Declan, Braxton, axton, axel, Grayson, sterling, archer, fletcher, maxton, raiden, kaine, Hudson, Holden, briar, and last for now Nolan. 


Alice, Alex, Annabelle, cambree, Delaney, makenna, Frankie, Berniece, colbie, sawyer, axel, Kadence, Lawsyn, journee, malia 

Here are my 15 names I have loved and for some reason was not able to use and will never use! Hope it gives some soon to be mamas inspiration!!! 🙋

The battles of love! 

I want to talk about something that now a days is just swept under the rug, that is this thing called marriage!!! People now days look at marriage as a terrible thing, the end of the road, “what boring people do”, yet in reality isn’t that what dating is all about finding someone to fall deeply in love with and wanting to grow old with? People are so scared to love, so scared to let go, so scared to not be in control, so scared to make a commitment that they push every chance of love away. Let me tell you a story, my story. 

I started dating my husband in 2006, it was our sophomore year of school I was 16yrs old and he was 15. We got married in 2011 on our 5yr anniversary. We were happy but life was about to kick us in the ass, first real struggle November 2011 I miscarried. Then came the second struggle, April 2012, I miscarried again. I was destroyed. I had so much anger built up and so did he we pushed each other away. It took a lot but we moved forward and we became stronger. Then came a day that changed us forever. April 1, 2013, we found out we were pregnant with our miracle! Yet my pregnancy caused huge problems because I hated him, hell I hated everyone! After she was born we started to have money issues! Big shocker there most couples do right? Yes they do but ours was bad timing we were now 1 income family with a baby who had medical problems. Who had to go to the dr at least once a week for the first year of her life. Then when we finally got back on track and were stronger than ever I found out I was pregnant again. Not a big deal at the time, skip ahead to him being 4months old I was pregnant again. Again at the time it wasn’t a big deal but maybe not that best timing. Between me taking care of a 1yr old and a newborn while being pregnant I lost sight of my marriage. My husband who worked his ass off 7days a week 12-16hour shifts lost sight of our marriage. We became roommates. We fought all the time, his stress was high, mine was high, we’ll skip forward to after our youngest was born. We still had money issues, we were lost we fought so much that, either we fought or didn’t talk at all. This went on for a while! We both quit fighting. We wondered if there was a point in trying to stay together when we no longer could talk without a fight. Then the day I can remember like it was yesterday my heart was shattered, our marriage was almost over, he was done! We met at our house and talked for hours and cried together and just heldeach other. How could we just give up? We have fought for so long and been through so much. We chose to keep trying to keep working on us. It took us almost losing one another to see what we should have been looking at the whole time. Our love, we quit on our love and let everything come first! Work, kids, bills, everything. So everyday we fight to keep our relationship alive and to show each other love and the respect and attention we deserve. No we are no where near perfect, we will say I love you and turn around and flick each other off in the next second, because that’s our relationship, we have always been able to play and just have fun. We lost a lot in 10yrs but I think we realized, it’s too easy to just walk away. If I don’t appreciate what I have, it will leave. We don’t strive to keep everything perfect, we strive to keep our marriage real. So when I see so many relationships end it’s cause most people are just too scared to feel pain, and love isn’t painless. 

No shame in this mom game! 

Mom shaming, unwanted parenting advice are extremely hot topics as of right now. No mom wants to be shamed and they don’t want your offered advice, understandable! Now if you think for a bit I’m pretty sure you been on both sides. Being shamed and given unwanted advice and you have shamed, (even if you didn’t mean it) or gave advice. You know what it’s normal! Every mother does what they feel is best for their child, in which they should. Your kid, your rules! Now let’s get to the dirt, my truths about my parenting and how I’m not ashamed! 

Okay to start this off: 

My children drink soda, coke, Pepsi, mt dew, and so forth. They drink way more than they should and you know something, I am completely okay with that. 

My kids eat more junk food all the time. Also I don’t limit the junk because guess what?? They still eat fruits and veggies and eat their meals! So what if me and my son ate an entire pack of Oreos in one sitting! We enjoyed it! 

I don’t make sure my kids meals are 100% healthy, I use butter, oil, i season food! Hell if I wouldn’t want to eat it why would they? I’m going to make sure my kids enjoy food! Plus being from the south butter is biggie is almost every food! 

My kids stay In their jammies unless we have to go somewhere. But why dress them if I’m going to still be in my pjs as well. That is a huge asshole move. Not to mention we don’t need more laundry to do. 

My family, because this includes all of us at this point eat pizza at least four times a week. If it’s frozen pizza we pop in the oven for lunch, or we order hungry homies for the third time that week because I just don’t want to cook. 

This one is going to be a trigger to some. I DONT limit tv time. My kids have a movie going for them to watch all day long until they fall asleep at night! If we go somewhere normally the older two have phones and they are watching a movie or playing star fall (I highly recommend). 

Last for now is child leashes!!! Yes I’m talking about a leash for a human! I am completely pro child leashes. My oldest was a runner, my nephew was a runner, which most 1yr olds are runners! So I strap that backpack to them and hold the leash end, and guess what??? They can’t run. Call it lazy parenting I call it I’m not chasing a toddler throughout Walmart with a buggy with two other kids laughing and keeping the running going. No matter if your in the best shape, them tiny fat legs are fast and that not so fast toddler becomes a track star! 

Now many of you are probably like oh my god she is a horrible mom. That’s your opinion because with all that I’m not ashamed that I raise my kids to enjoy childhood, I’m not shamed that I’m making sure my kids don’t have body issues, I’m not ashamed that I am trying to keep them safe, I’m not ashamed that my kids are being raised to be happy, carefree, healthy( I know there is someone disagreeing) but yes they are healthy lives. You will continue to get parenting advice it is inevitable. Just go with the flow, do what you feel is the best for your child. Don’t put unneeded pressure on yourself! Y’all have a good night! 🙋

All me! 

Hey y’all! So First I’m going to tell everyone a little about myself and my family! Okay let’s jump right in! My name is Kayla, I am 27yrs old, I am married to my high school sweetheart. His name is Keith, we have been together going on 11yrs in September and married going on 6yrs. We have 2 angel babies, we have 3 beautiful children. Our oldest is a sassy 3yr old little girl named Charlie. Our second is a 2yr old boy named Jensin and our youngest is a 10months old named maverick! Yes I’m that crazy family with door step kids! We are also that mess of a group out in public that get you thinking, ” they seriously need to get their shit together.” But it’s all good cause chaos is what life is about! Okay so back to about us. My daughter was diagnosed with hydronephrosis when she was a month old, long term put short, her urine shoots back up from her bladder to her kidneys! She had a rough couple of years of life, she is now a happy spunky 3yr old! She still has the kidney problem but you would never know anything was wrong. I am that person who has weird dislikes like false teeth creep me, I hate the feel of grass and I can make any situation awkward! I am a stay at home mom and have been for 3yrs! To be honest being a SAHM can be pretty dreadful! I love my kids, don’t get anything twisted but every person needs alone time, a break and I rarely get that. When you have basically 3 toddlers, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a snake, a husband and a household to take care of, you will easily lose Yourself! I am sarcastic, I am a joker, I am positive and open minded to most things , I have my beliefs and I have goals and dreams. Well basically I’m a mother and wife who tries to get shit done while handling my tiny dragons and just hope they don’t hurt themselves or dismantle my house! So that’s me and that’s my life! Until next time🙋