For first time mamas!!!

I’m back!!! So I took a little break but I’m back and to start off being back, I wanted to start off with my 5 tips/ things I’d tell first time or new moms! Now I’m not talking about ” get as much sleep as you can” that’s terrible advice! 😂 so lets dive in…..

1. Enjoy the simplicity to life! Enjoy being able to go out to eat with out having to plan, enjoy being able to take a bubble bath with out interruptions, this one is the most important ENJOY YOUR SPOUSE! Once that baby gets here it will be hard to have your time With eachother. Just enjoy the simple parts of life that you never even pay attention too! 

2. Take in the silence! Suck in every second of the silence around your home. Cooking dinner without a screaming kid on your leg, watching a full adult movie or show without missing any or have to pause every 2 seconds. Enjoy the laying with your spouse hearing nothing but you two and maybe music or a tv. Silence becomes nonexistent once a kid is there. 

3. Relax!!! This one is easier said than done, I’ve been there. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had tried for over a year for her after 2 terrible miscarriages so once I was pregnant with her I stressed everything, went to the hospital almost every week to check on her, and instead on relaxing I stressed so much that it made being pregnant way worse than it needed to be. I mean it was pretty miserable being sick the whole time but I never got to enjoy it cause I was too stressed that something was wrong. So relax, go on a baby moon, get a prenatal massage, eat those cravings, don’t freak over every little thing! 

4. This one is for when baby is born! Babies are tougher than you think! Every mother has left her kid on a bed or couch and they have rolled off or a toddler bounces and falls off. It happens to the best of us, it don’t make you a bad parent! They will fall and get bumps and bruises especially once mobile! The first time they fall off a bed or couch you will cry more than they will! My oldest was 3months old when she first flipped off a bed, she was completely fine! My second was 6months when he flipped off a bed, my youngest was 10 months when he head butted the floor from learning to crawl! It happens! As long as you aren’t beating them and you feed and bathe them you are doing your job! 

5. This is I feel something all moms need to do! TAKE THE HELP OFFERED! First time moms tend to be very greedy with their babies, I was very greedy. I thought I could do everything myself didn’t need no help! WRONG!!!! You can’t do it all and you need to take help when offered. If it’s someone cooking you dinner, cleaning for you, watching the baby so you can nap, or watching the baby so you can shower! Let them help! There is going to come a time where there isn’t going to be help offered like there is when a baby is brand new, so TAKE IT! 

I hope these 5 tips help any first time or new mamas! But more than anything just enjoy your baby! They do grow faster than you think! 


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