Living with a princess 

My last writing was about living with boys so now I want to discuss living with a girl! I have one yes one daughter! Thank god only one girl! Now a little story, my daughter is my first born, she was a rainbow baby after 2 losses and it took over a year to conceive her. When she was born she became our princess. She got anything and everything she could ever want. Hell still she gets everything she wants. My daughter is one of the sweetest well mannered kids you will ever meet. So you ask, it should be a cake walk living with her right? Wrongo! Most the time she is good and we don’t have to discipline very often with her. So without much more here’s four ways it’s like living with girls! 

1. The sass!! Yes most girls are are sassy, hell even grown women are sassy, but have you ever tried to tell a sassy toddler what to do? If you haven’t you will get this look 🙄 9 times out of 10. Also the older they get the worse sass you will get from them. Your 3yr old comes out with her heels and sunglasses on holding her purse, and talking on her pretend cell phone and when you ask her, “hey who you talking too?” And she stops turns around and tells her pretend person, “I’ll call you back, my mom is here” then tells you she isn’t talking to anyone and walks off. That right there people is a sass of a child! 

2. Indecisive! Okay, okay this goes for women in general. Especially when he comes to hair, clothes, shoes, where to eat! You can’t decide but have a daughter who has already worn 3 outfits and still don’t want to wear what she has on and wants to change yet again, or a daughter who can’t pick between a shopkins or my little pony toy. It happens, us women want the best of everything and the best of both worlds. Which in real life just isn’t possible. So we will say I don’t know or I don’t care to push the choice to someone else. Hell I think little girls are the same they want someone to make the choice for them. But hey what are you going to do? 

3. The emotions! Okay men you deal with your wife’s emotions now your going to deal with a miniature version who has 10 times the amount of emotions that your wife has in a day, your daughter will have them done in 5mins. With my daughter she shows every emotion all day long, if she’s happy you will see it, if she is mad you will know and if she is upset she will run and hide. Which is great because you know how they feel there is no question. Now the downside is With her being a toddler she goes through every emotion you could think of in about 3 minutes. She just feels strongly, which leads me back to most women and young girls. When we feel something we fully feel it and we do what we need to let them out! So just cause your wife or daughter has been bitchy all day or crying all day it could just be a funk that will be gone tomorrow. We are not that complicated! 

4. Them toys! This section is pointed towards children. Girl toys are sometimes creepy. Like the doll who was made just to shit itself, they can be dangerous, them damn Barbie accessories can really hurt you! They can be pointless. I still have no clue the reasoning behind shopkins or twinsies. I’ve noticed mainly with girl toys most come with tiny pieces! So when you step on that Barbie brush or heel it will feel like you were shot in the foot. They also keep making the same doll yet they have one for each normal human function. Now tell me why a child needs a doll that they need to change the diaper. Also explain why girl toys are more expensive??? They toys need to go back to being simple! No tiny parts, no crazy sounds just normal old school toys. 

I make these not to say having kids is terrible, because it’s not, having kids is amazing and makes the world keep turning. What I’m getting at is there are parts of being a parent people don’t get to know until they experience it and I just like to give my personal experience! So have a great night y’all!!! 🙋


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