Life with boys

Hey y’all! This is for y’all that live with a boy could be your boyfriend or husband as well or if you have a son. I have 2 boys ages 2 and 11months. I also grew up with a brother and a ton of boy cousins! With that being said I have been around boys a lot! So between my brother, cousins, nephews, husband and sons I’ve noticed a lot about living with boys. I’m going to tell you 4 things about life with boys. So let’s dive in! 

1. They are loud! No matter what they do talk, listen to music, watch tv, they are going to be loud or have the music or tv as loud as the possibly can get it. Now I’m not saying girls aren’t loud because a lot of time they are, but that’s another story another time. Boys as young ages baby to like 10yr olds think it’s a great idea to screech for the hell of it. They sound like they are dying and it gives you an automatic headache! Now when they are watching tv they will sit as close to the tv and directly in the middle where no one else can see, and what can you guess the tv will be loud as shit! Sitting that close you know they can hear it! When you have a music junkie like my husband he always is listening to music and it is as loud as he can get it. Hell I don’t want to listen to it! You wonder why are they so loud? 

2. They will eat you out of home! I have a 2yr old and he can eat and eat and eat. Of course junk especially chocolate is his drug of choice but he will eat like he hasn’t ate in a year. I dread to see how both my boys eat when they are teenagers! They are going to have to get jobs just to pay for their own food! It don’t get any less as they get older, I’ve watched my husband eat a bowl of noodles, can of peanuts an egg sandwich with 2 eggs drink a mt dew at one sitting. Which he still wanted more. There is no cooking for 5 for this mama! 

3. Boys are gross! Yes they are disgusting humans. They walk around scratching their package and butt. Farting constantly. Taking a shit 3-6times day, always sweating and getting dirty and this also goes for babies! All boys have a funk smell to them. If you say well my kid don’t, they do but your just use to it. Same with your husband or boyfriend! No matter how good their hygiene is! 

4. Nudist!! All boys even most girls love being naked! You give them a bath and while getting one kids dressed your other is building with his blocks naked, stands up scratches his butt and starts dancing with his winky in the wind! Thanks to my husband my kids think they need to strip down to underwear when they get home! At least I make our daughter keep her shirt on. They enjoy the winky getting a nice breeze! 

Living with a boy is not for the weak. They can be so fun to raise and be around but they also are messy, smelly, hungry naked tiny people! So if you have a baby boy get set for the fun that is coming!!! 


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