SAHM vs working mama

So today I want to talk about a touchy subject and that is being a stay at home Mom or a working mom. I have been both. There are positives and negatives to both jobs! Yes best a SAHM is a job that you don’t get paid for. I want to talk about the positive side of being a stay at home mom, the best thing is being able to watch your children grow and learn everyday. You get to see every milestone they grow through. Second best thing is you never have to worry about having a babysitter or daycare. With being home everyday you don’t have to worry about finding someone to watch your kids for 5-12hours a day so you can go to work. You are there. You don’t have to worry about a high ass daycare bill cause you are home! Unless you want them in daycare to socialize and so you can do errands without having to put them in and out of the car fifty times. The third postivie factor is no schedule! You can lay around all day with your babies, you can get up and go visit friends and family, you can go run errands, whatever you want or need to do! Now let’s talk about working mamas, first positive side to working is you have a second income, which means most no running short on money, being able to go shopping a little more. (There is a negative side to money too). The second positive side is your kids get a lot of social interaction and learn different things than what you can teach them. When they start real school they will already have friends, also they know how to make friends already by being in a social environment. Now the third thing benefits most people, a SCHEDULE. Your on a set schedule, you know how everything is going to be ready to go and where the kids are going to be at what time. Which can be great! Even if you work a job that has jumbled schedules you will still get into a routine. 

Okay here is going to be the fun stuff the negative sides to being a SAHM or working mom. 

When being a SAHM you will get positive and negative feedback and sometimes it will go hand and hand with eachother from the same person. You will hear  comments like, “you’re so lucky to get to stay home and be with your kids all the time”, ” must be nice not having to work”, “how do you make it on one income”, “your husband must make amazing money, letting you stay home”. Now to a normal human, those comments are rude and disrespectful. One know one is LETTING you, you are a grown woman, you can make choices. Also not having an actual paying job, don’t mean being a SAHM isn’t a job, because newsflash, IT IS!  We stay moving, cleaning, cooking, wiping asses and noses and laundry constantly! We go to bed HOURS after everyone else just so we can have a little time to ourselves. Now this don’t just go for SAHM, working moms get negative and rude comments to like, ” must be nice having a baby sitter on hand”, “I don’t know how you can leave your kids” , “I wouldn’t be able to let someone raise my kids”. Just because you have a baby sitter while you work don’t mean you have a baby sitter anytime you want. Moms don’t leave their kids cause they want, they leave so the can support their family. They aren’t letting other people raise their kids because their kids are only with other people while they work! Now the next part of the negativity is what I said earlier the money!!! As a SAHM you are sacrificing a second income to stay home, so that means tight budgeting, you don’t have the money to stray away from your budget, if your bills aren’t paid and groceries aren’t bought you don’t go shopping! Even once the important stuff is paid you may not have much left over which is where you do what you can to not touch it! So you think when you are short on money, “if I was working, we wouldn’t Be short on money” , newsflash you’re wrong! Cause as a working mom you have that second income so that means more bills, baby sitter/daycare bill, most likely you have at least 2-3 extra bills that are luxeries. So some families save with someone staying home. Some can’t afford it. Next one the negative list is date nights!!! When being a SAHM getting a baby sitter to get a break, or go out with Your spouse is almost impossible! You never get a break cause your kids are always with you so when you need a break it’s hard to find someone. Now when being a working mom your kids are with baby sitters or daycare throughout the week so when it comes to date night everyone is tired of watching them and don’t want too. So again a lose lose situation. So as SAHM’s lose their shit cause they just need a small Break and working moms lose their shit cause they need a break from working so much, Remember that we all are fighting the same side with doing what is best for our family! I’ve done both and they both have their good and their bad and they are hard in different ways. So next time you hear or say that one is harder than the other just look back at this and get your shit straight. Being a mom is hard and regardless of if you work or you’re a SAHM you work your ass off both ways!!🙋


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