The vampire’s wife

If you have no idea what a vampire’s wife is, it’s a wife to someone who works night shift. I want people to see the inside of a night shifters spouse! I’m going to talk about 5 things to being a vampires wife! So let’s hop right in…

1. Night time is the worse yet best time of the day! Now what I mean by the worst yet best time of the day is, it’s the best time because the kids are in bed it’s your time to relax and not having kids climbing all on top of you. You don’t have to worry about cleaning, or focusing on anyone but yourself. Now it’s the worst time of the day because you’re alone! Completely alone, no one to talk about your day with, no one to talk about what you have planned for The next day. Sometimes it’s nice to have your time to yourself but sometimes you just want to lay in bed and cuddle and have the feeling someone is beside you. Having a night shifter is one of the loneliest things to deal with. When your spouse works during the day, your busy all day long and at the end of the day your husband or wife is going to come home, eat dinner, shower and hop into bed with you. You get to relax with them every night! 

2. You’re going to feel like you do everything by yourself! Another point on the being alone part. Your vampire works all night, so they sleep all day. When your up running errands, paying bills, out and about they are at home sleeping either to get some sleep or sleeping for the next shift. So anything you need to do you do by yourself. You are the captain of your ship and you try to get everything done early in the day because you still have to wake them up so they can be up eat and get ready for work and still have about an hour to spend with the family. This also goes for if you have kids, you have the kids all day by yourself then while they work you get them ready and put them to bed by yourself. I’ve had my vampire work days and I looked forward to him coming home, helping me get the kids ready for bed putting the kids to bed and spending an hour or so with eachother. When they work nights you only can look forward to spending time with them when they are off. 

3. Sleep don’t stop during the day of their days off! You think, ” oh yay, he is off tomorrow and the next day, I can sleep in and have a break” that is the biggest load of shit, because they aren’t able to sleep during the night so, they end up staying up all night and sleeping most the day away. With that being said, they will have no energy during the day when they are awake. Most the time they aren’t going to want to do anything but lay around and watch tv. Or play a game. So you aren’t going to get to spend a ton of time resting with them unless you let the kids demolish the house and eat out the whole day. If you’re anything like me you can’t let that happen, you will try to make it a normal day. You clean,cook and take care of the kids like if they weren’t there. That means no breaks for mama! 

4. Text and phone calls become a part of your relationship. Most husbands and wives call and text each other, nothing out of the ordinary but when you are married to a vampire it becomes part of your communication. If you don’t text eachother you will probably not talk for a few days. Even if you try to talk the little time between them waking up to going to work, it’s part of it you will not get much time to talk, y’all are busy and by the time y’all both can sit and talk it’s time for work! Of course communication is key to a healthy relationship, so you do what you have to do! 

5. Disconnection! Usually you save the best for last but in this case, I’ve saved the worst for last and that is the disconnection you feel, and it’s not the disconnection from your spouse, it’s disconnection from EVERYONE and EVERYTHING! Humans are creatures of habit and when you’re use to working everything around a vampires schedule you end up missing events, parties, and anything that is going on with the world. It’s not that you want to miss out it’s that you have to most the time because of this type of schedule you never want to plan to do something on the same night your spouse has to work especially if you are a one car family and even if you have two cars you just don’t want to explain where your other half is a thousand times! So you basically become a hermit and disconnect yourself from others. Plus if you’re a SAHM you probably don’t have many friends as it is, so you somehow just become a loner. The loniliness just becomes your life and that has a lot to do with being a SAHM as well. But that’s another story for another day. 

Those are my 5 truths of being married to a vampire! My husband has worked more night shifts than day shifts since he started working and in all that time it’s never gotten easier and to be honest it sucks! You just do what you have to, to keep sane and keeping your marriage alive when they are home! I also want to put this out there, I am in NO way talking down to any person including my husband for working nights, you do what you need to support your family but this is the inside look of what it’s like being with someone who works nights! So hope y’all enjoyed! 🙋


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