No matter the way

Today I want to discuss a topic that I’ve seen floating around on social media the past couple day. The c-section vs. vaginal birth debate! So I’ve seen this post going around that basically says, “if you had a csection, you took the easy way out, and your not really a mother.” This is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard! No matter if you pushed that baby out of your vajay or you were sliced and diced you gave birth. Now the whole csections are the “easy” way out, that’s the biggest load of shit I’ve ever heard. Is the jaws of life the easiest way to get out of a car? Hmmm HELL NO! Giving birth isn’t easy no matter what way you do it. So my experience is this I have 3 kids. My first was an emergency csection, I had 17 staples but you know what my recovery was not too bad, I was lucky. Not all women are lucky to have an easy recovery, i was sore but not horrible pain. My second I was up walking as soon as they allowed me to. I was very sore and but still very fortunate that my recovery wasn’t too bad. Now let’s discuss my tiny third baby. Maverick was my third and last csection. He was a tiny 7 pounder that got stuck in my ribs! I almost passed out from them trying to “pop” him out. Once my csection was done and I was closed up I went to start recovering. My first shower after my surgery I took the dressing off my inscision and had blood going everywhere, come to find out my doctor left standing blood on my incision so I wouldn’t scar badly. Over the next day I burned like the fire Pits of hell and the blood just dried up and started to irritate my open wound! They sent me home with that, I became clammy, almost passing out, on so much pain I stayed up on my meds. The pain lasted a good month and a half before I could stand up without a burning pain where my incision is. Now I am almost a year post partum and yet I still don’t have enough strength in my stomach to sit straight up from laying down without a pinching feeling, and my stomach hurting a little. So if your ignorant enough to state that csection moms took the easiest way, let’s cut you open and glue you back shut, then come talk. I would never say anything bad about anyone who delivered vaginally, they went through pushing a kid out their vajay. All respect there but csection moms deserve the same respect. 


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