Stay little

All parents want their babies to stay little. I love watching mine grow, be little, be a kid. If it’s just them holding hands and spinning and laughing. Playing in the rain, reading them a book, or cuddling for bedtime. Make the memories, enjoy the time. Your babies growing is not controllable but you can make sure every moment counts. Children aren’t going to remember every single thing of their childhood, but they will remember you playing with them, reading to them, comforting them. We all tell our kids stay little or never grow up, but to be honest that is one of the biggest joys, enjoying time with your kids, helping them grow into a mature wonderful adult. To help them grow and learn from mistakes. Even though every parent hates hearing, ” enjoy it now, they grow so fast”, but in all honesty it’s true. Just from birth to a year old it’s like they are a completely different person. So don’t worry about how many gifts you get your kids, or how much your vacations cost, or constantly “picking up” a toy cause the deserve it. Be there, play, read, chase them. It’s about you being there not about what you get them! It’s the little things in life that truly matter. 


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